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We are Bulgarian Traditional Dance and Crafts Group situated  in Calgary. Our new home is Ruttland Park Community Association, where we gather weekly for our dance rehearsals and biweekly for the open to all  arts, crafts and dance gatherings.


 Our need to be submerged in the beauty of our authentic folklore; our craving to keep alive and to share our heritage; our responsibility to leave a legacy to our children, were only a few of the reasons that led us to the creation of Nashency Bulgarian  Folklore Centre.

Our hard work and love keeps bringing results in all our public appearances on stage. It is an honor to be able to celebrate our traditional colours and rhythms.

We are happily working towards new opportunities to share our culture and heritage with all our friends in Calgary, Canada and the world.

Contact us if you would like to become a member of the organization or if you wish us to perform at your concert, gathering or fundraiser. 

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